Crushed Stone

At 3 Lakes Landscape Supply, we carry a variety of crushed stone products for a wide range of uses in landscaping, construction, and outdoor projects. Whether you’re looking to create a driveway, build a patio, or enhance your garden beds, crushed stone can be a fantastic option to consider.

Different sizes and types of crushed stone are available, each offering unique characteristics and benefits. It’s always a good idea to purchase slightly more than you estimate to account for any miscalculations or unexpected needs that may arise during your outdoor project. Make sure to consult with our on-site team to determine the ideal crushed stone type and quantity for your White Mountains landscaping project.

Pick up your materials at our retail store or have them bulk delivered to your home or worksite. We deliver yards and half-yards in and around the Plymouth, New Hampshire area. Additional delivery fees apply.

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.


3/8" Crushed Stone

3/8" Crushed Stone

A versatile crushed stone product that’s used for everything from water features to drainage solutions.


3/4" Crushed Stone

This 3/4″ crushed stone is able to withstand heavy loads and compacts easily–it’s commonly used as a base material for driveways and roads.


3/4 inch crushed white stone

3/4" Crushed White Stone


1 1/2" Crushed Stone

1 1/2" Crushed Stone

A 1 1/2″ all-purpose product used for septic systems, drainage solutions, driveways, walkways, and more.


1/2" Crushed Blue Stone

A decorative crushed blue stone product that’s an excellent option for paths, walkways, and driveway edging.


1 1/2 inch crushed blue stone

1 1/2" Crushed Blue Stone


3 inch erosion blue stone

3" Erosion Blue Stone


3-6 Erosion Stone

Erosion stone, also known as “rip rap,” is commonly used when erosion control or stabilization are a concern.


Recycled Asphalt

Recycled Asphalt

Recycled asphalt is reprocessed pavement containing asphalt and aggregates. Commonly used as a base or as fill.




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