River Rock

River rocks are a versatile and beautiful addition to any White Mountains landscaping or hardscaping project. Their smooth, rounded shape and natural earth tones make them perfect for creating pathways, borders, or decorative accents in gardens.

With their natural beauty and practical applications, river rocks are a wonderful choice for adding texture, color, and functionality to your landscaping design. Their versatility allows for various creative uses, such as ground cover to suppress weeds and retain moisture, or arranging them to create a unique dry river bed that adds visual interest and aids in drainage.

Create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor space with river rocks from 3 Lakes Landscape Supply!

Pick up your materials at our retail store or have them bulk delivered to your home or worksite. We deliver yards and half-yards in and around the Plymouth, New Hampshire area. Additional delivery fees apply.

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.


2" Round River Rock - Brown

2" Round River Rock - Brown

This decorative 2″ round river rock is used in many landscaping applications.


2" River Rock - Natural

2" Round River Rock - Natural

This decorative 2″ round river rock is used in many landscaping applications.


3/8" River Rock - Brown

Smaller stone commonly used in edging, walkways, and fenced-in play areas.


3/4" Round River Rock

This decorative 3/4″ round river rock is commonly used in water features, walkways or paths, and under decks.


River Rock Minus 5"


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