To mulch leaves, or not to mulch ...

To Mulch (Leaves), or Not to Mulch …

So many leaves, so little time! While raking in the fall can occasionally be relaxing and meditative, gathering and bagging up ALL those leaves can also be a daunting task on the long list of life’s chores. 

Since what you don’t round up in the fall will just be waiting for you come springtime, why not consider using those (FREE) fallen leaves to your lawn’s advantage and turn them into mulchy-gold?

While not the same as fertilizer, leaf mold and shredded leaf mulch CAN help to amend and improve your soil structure, delivering extra nutrients as the leaves decompose. This is especially helpful to clay and sandy soil conditions where retaining moisture and preventing erosion of the landscape are at the top of your list.

Recipe for Leaf Mulch

  1. After the majority of your leaves have fallen, you’ve had a few days of dry weather, and the air temperature is on a steady decline, grab your rake, lawn mower, or leaf blower and get to work.
  2. Using a lawn mower to shred your leaves will break them down more quickly, making them ready to spread. No lawn mower? No problem! Give us a call and ask about our line of Husqvarna outdoor power equipment. We have what you need to get the job done!
  3. For the health of your plants, be sure to spread your mulch at a depth of three inches and three inches away from the base of your plants. Doing so will promote good air circulation and will help to keep plant rot and pesky insects at bay.

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